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We are creating this amateur football club for all men who want to carry on playing football in a structured environment. All players above 18 years old are welcome to join the club.

Fun, good vibes and serious at the same time.

The players will be trained every Sunday in a world-class venue, XCL WORLD ACADEMY. The team will be trained by certified coaches from the French Football Academy in a serious but still fun way. Each team will have their own coach, their own kit and their own training slot.

The aim of this project is to register an elite team in one of the local leagues (such as the COSMO league) for the more competitive orientated players, and have a second team for those who want to play in a less competitive way.


Let’s meet, let’s play and let’s finish every session with a drink (juice…. Or something a little bit more fancy 😉).


100 $ /month

1000 $ /year



Please PAYNOW to UEN: 201917947G

And email a copy of your receipt

to baptiste@silkroadsports.co